Financial Aid Versus. College Student Loans: Information You Should Use

This week that is past I stumbled upon two exceptional news products about superior papers com school funding and education loan obligations. The school funding post revealed exactly alumni giving make a difference school funding. The student loan obligations article strengthened my personal cautions concerning the consequences of excessive borrowing to fund school. The two content articles are a beneficial news duo that is news-bad.

1st the good news: Michael Bloomberg: Why I’m Offering $1.8 Billion for school Financial help. That headline boggled my notice ( it doesn’t just take much to achieve that these full era). Ever actually thought about exactly how much a billion cash are, aside from $1.8 billion? Let’s pause moment to consider that matter.

These days, we often hear about the national debt, which, unfortunately, is expressed in trillions of dollars in the news. Pondering a trillion money is a subject for another topic. For the present time, why don’t we only stay with a billion, specifically Michael Bloomberg’s $1.8 billion. I did a little research and found this article that is interesting SIMPLE TIPS TO SPEND $1 BILLION IN 25 YEARS. Would not we all love to have a challenge like this?

Anyhow, to give you some tip concerning the magnitude of the single billion money, here are a few highlights using this fancifully helpful post:

Guess you had one billion bucks superior papers reviews. You can spend $5,000 a day for longer than 500 decades before you would lack cash. … Continue reading “”