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The type of blade installed on a new mower is a decision the retailer makes for each model of mower, based on the expected needs of most customers. If you’re unsure of which blade is on a particular model, inspect the blade. Cub Cadet Genuine Factory Parts blades have part numbers stamped into them. Then compare these part numbers with the unit’s Operator’s Manual or Parts List.

  • Keep in mind that these blades work best in dry grass, so they aren’t ideal for early morning landscaping jobs or post-rain cuts.
  • The gator blade induces an elevated airlift which drags the grass in an upper direction and then cuts it.
  • It doesn’t matter how far gone you’ve let your garden go, these Maxpower blades are up for the task of cutting it down.
  • It weighs 2.5 pounds each, and this is a perfect weight to ensure its effectiveness, grass cutting accuracy, and most importantly, its mulching ability.
  • A Reel blade comes in sets of 3 or more and you can see a lot of people using a set of 10 – 12 blades for one single stroke.

As a result, the smaller pieces of grass are further cut into even smaller pieces. Standard lift blades are generally used in standard lawn mowers and tend to be the ones that rotate horizontally. They are also often referred to as straight more blades even though they tend to have a slight curve on each end. You’ll often find them on lawn mowers that discharge grass debris sideways. The slight bend at the ends allows a bit of air ventilation through.

Whats The Difference Between Standard Mower Blades And Mulching Blades?

Read the instruction guide for the mower before using it to make sure what it can and can’t do. A lot of returns can be reduced if there is knowledge of what the product will fit and whether or not it will do the job needing to be done. Some blades aren’t designed to cut high; others aren’t designed to be used in tall grass.

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This creates a sort of suction of the land as it pulls the grass up so that it can be cut precisely. If you have a riding lawn mower, you’ll have to consider the total number of blades. However some handheld mowers do require multiple blade settings though more often than not, they just need one single blade. If you have a riding mower, it would be ideal to buy a lawn mower blade set that will match the width of your deck. When choosing the best lawn mower blades, it is best to consider the type of lawnmower with regard to its deck and power capacity. Some lawnmower blades require more power to operate efficiently with the lawnmower motor.

The blades are also available in a set of two for added cost efficiency. Standard lawn mower blades are limited to the simple functions of just cutting best mulching blade for craftsman and discharging the leaves or grass clippings. The following are what we consider to be the best mulching blades available for the consumer market.

Gas Vs Battery Vs. Corded Mulching Lawn Mowers

In this article, we’re going to show you the best mulching blade that’ll surely make your lawn maintenance endeavor a whole lot nicer. If you want to mow your lawn and get rid of as much of the clippings as possible, use a standard blade. As a general rule of thumb, standard blades should be used on lawns that don’t get mowed as frequently. If you’re looking for a mulching blade for a walk-behind mower, Arnold’s Universal 3-in-1 Mulching Lawn Blade is probably the best option for you. The MaxPower X will run you a little over $15 for a single blade, but you’ll need two of these blades for your mower in order to get the full 42-inch cut.

Low lift based on the airflow pattern, which gets created on the equipment. The airflow pattern is different from blades and helps you to pick small grasses without worrying about any other type or kind of plants and grasses around. A low lift blade works with airflow and can be highly beneficial in terms of bagging the leftovers and to clean the surface properly. Blade width or the thickness of the blade is important for the durability and the handling capacities.

When looking for the best mulcher blades on the market, consider this product as well. It is also wise to have the proper tools for sharpening the blades. After a few dozen acres of mowing, most blades need to be sharpened.

For those that had a good fit, this was one of the best mulching blades on the market. In fact, one reviewer stated that it was stronger than the original blade. However, mulching blades don’t come with directions, arrows or any way of telling which side is the cutting side. It isn’t as obvious as one might think, although the cutting side should be sharper. Often, mowers that are capable of mulching look identical to those that do not because often the only difference may be the blade being used. As mentioned before, many lawn mowers can be adapted to do such by changing out the blades.

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If you want to mow less frequently and prefer to bag your clippings, then standard mower blades are best. Different shapes of the blade can affect how the grass clippings left when you trim your lawn are expelled. Some blade shapes funnel the clippings upwards, towards the mower bag, while others funnel them back to the ground below for mulching purposes.

The high lift of the Rotary lawn mower blades is designed to throw the clippings better, resulting in less clogging. Although not designed to mulch, the set of 3 blades have similar dimensions and holes to replace mulching blades. These are rider blades, and as such are shaped differently from most high lift mower blades or mulching blades. These lawn mower blades offer a high cutting power and a large cutting area for a fast, smooth cut, allowing you to trim a large lawn as efficiently as possible. It is also one of the best mulching blades for 21 inch craftsman mower.

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Cost wise, though, they are a bit more expensive than what you’d bargain for. Oregon blades are pretty much everything you need for your mulching machine – they’re sturdy, mulch and bag extremely fast, and they have an enhanced cutting exterior. On top of it all, they’re fused with a special form of carbide, meaning that they’re incredibly tough and resilient on the outside.

best mulching blade for craftsman

So, here are some factors that you should consider before purchasing blades for your lawnmower. The blades need to be scraped off a bit by both ends to fit some Cub Cadet models. One of the customers identified that when using it with Cub Cadet GTX 1054, he had to grind the edges on both sides of all three of them by 1/8″ to fit them perfectly.

The lift is measured by the degree of the upturned blade edge. Purchase such a correct number of blades that are perfect for riding your mower. In general, the mowers have almost 2 or 3 blades connecting points on it.

The Honda VH7000 set of replacement blades offer a unique design as opposed to other jagged edge feature we have encountered with other blades on this list. They offer an increased cutting surface, but make use of an ergonomic design that boosts cutting efficiency by up to 25% over the jagged edge blades. The Honda HRX replacement mulching blades will deliver a thorough cut every time.

The installation process of these blades is very easy and there is a high lift associated with the revolution of the blade. The total weight of these blades is 1.5 pounds and they are meant for a heavy-duty purpose. These blades are perfectly useful if you have a disinclination for noise pollution. This will help in pulling the grass up for obtaining that perfect trim.

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Thick clumps of grass can cause unhealthy thatch so it’s important to use a mulching mower, or a mulching kit, and to keep your blade sharp. Riding lawn mowers aren’t typically a great choice for those with small to medium-sized yards. They make great options for homeowners with multiple acres of land, especially since riding mowers also have a much larger cutting width. Self-propelled mowers require a lot less muscle to mow your yard.

Author: Kay Burton